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Theron International is about delivering measurable value service that results in better hires, faster solutions, improved retention, thereby enhancing your business performance.

Human Capital is by far, the most valued asset of any organization. Finding and retaining the right people, in this competitive environment, is the primary concern facing many organizations.

At Theron International we have used our experience in Human Resources consulting, to design a sourcing system, that will identify the right candidate in a fast and efficient way.

Our Purpose

Globalization and Technology has made most resources available. The great differentiator is the quality of leadership. It determines why some companies fail and others succeed.

  • Theron's purpose is to provide exceptional leaders to organizations.
  • Our objective is to help our clients to build superior enterprises.

Our Vision

It is our intent to be recognized and respected as a vital source of middle and senior executives in the industries and functions we serve. Our reputation is based on our successful track record, and being recognized as the best in what ever we do. Importantly, the key to our reputation is our employees, for whom we are committed to creating and maintaining an environment in which personal and professional growth is encouraged and supported.

Our Mission

Our mission is to further our clients' success by identifying professionals of exceptional ability.

We strive to differentiate ourselves from competition as we constantly seek to add value to our client's business.

"Theron's success is defined by the quality of executives we recommend and the contributions these executives make to our clients."

Our Motto

  • Think big.
  • Never compromise on Theron's values.
  • Look ahead, be self-confident.
  • Have the best around you.
  • Be committed to quality.
  • Play to win.

Our Values

  • Commitment to Performance, Thirst for Change and Unyielding Integrity
  • Passion for our customers
    • Measuring our success by that of our customers
    • Always driven by quality and a spirit of innovation
  • Meritocracy
    • Creating opportunities for the best people to grow and live their dreams
  • Growth Driven
    • Growing our people, markets and business
  • Every Person, Every Idea Counts
    • Respecting the individual and valuing contributions of each employee
  • Playing Offense
    • Take calculated risks and try new things
  • Embrace Speed and Excellence
    • Use the benefits of technology to accelerate our success and build a faster and smarter Theron
  • Living the Hallmarks of Learning
    • Passion for learning and sharing ideas
    • Committed to delivering results in every environment
    • Ability to energize and inspire
    • Connected to workplace, customers and communities
    • In touch with the world