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Theron International's mission is to deliver the highest professional standards in retained executive search.

Should you be considering using retained search in your quest for a new employee and wondering whether the investment is truly "worth it."... Well our strong track record & client references should convince you when it comes to Niche and Senior resources.

Why? Here are a few reasons why you should use us

  • Our Consultant will be working exclusively for you - You would be getting the highest level of commitment and attention.
  • Only our best and most experienced recruiters work on retained search.
  • The number of resources deployed on your mandate will be greater - Key Account Manager, Research Manager & A Consultant + The Back End Team.
  • Theron hires consultants with excellent vertical skills.
  • Theron consultants have in-depth local Knowledge & Connections.
  • Part of key industry Events, Conferences & Associations.
  • Assessment a Key Strength - Consultants Trained on Techniques like DISC, MBTI, SHL, DDI, NLP, HCI etc.
  • In-house Research Team.
  • Cultural Fit & Soft Skill matching.
  • We don't Bait-and-Switch - The Consultant who meets you works on your requirement from Start to Finish.
  • We will do the job with integrity, honesty, and your best interests in mind.

What we will deliver to Our Clients

  • We will find and deliver the best professional for your job. Our search professionals will take the time to understand your industry, your company, and the vacancy in question. We will search until we find the ideal candidate - a true "perfect match" for the position. You will be impressed by their level of professionalism and thoroughness.
  • We will save your time. We will search, review resumes, conduct background checks, schedule interviews - time that you simply don't have to spare. We will help you save yourself countless hours - and just as many headaches!
  • We will be discreet. It's possible that the best candidate for your position is already working at a rival company. How could you go about approaching such an individual without appearing tactless or uncouth? We have the connections and skills to find you the best candidates, no matter where they are, with the utmost discretion.
  • We also use our relationship to socialize excellent candidates with our clients.
  • Your Brand Ambassadors - Employer Branding.

What do we expect from Our Clients

  • You must be prepared to build a relationship with us and invest time. This is because we work at getting the best possible candidates for you, our consultants work at getting to know your company better so that they will better understand your unique needs.
  • Involve us in you manpower planning and projections.
  • Let us sit in on your interviews to get a better understanding of what your organization is looking for.
  • Put us in touch with the specific hiring manager to understanding his/her requirements.
  • Give us access to your key decision makers.


  • Use our proximity to our Clients & relationship to understand the mandate & its finer aspects.
  • Research & Map the market.
  • Utilize multiple techniques in finding prospects & hook potential resources for your company.
  • Candidates qualifications & track record are scrutinized.
  • Market your company to potential candidates - The candidates will be told about the opportunity and asked about their potential interest in the vacant position.
  • A rigorous evaluation is then done on the candidates who express their interest in the job offering. We will conduct interviews and do assessments once a candidate expresses his / her interest on a job offering. This is done through intense evaluation of the candidate's performance in other jobs. Evaluations are also done on the employee and employer compatibility as well as his or her potential. Candidate expectations are also checked at this point of time.
  • Present candidates who are a good fit.
  • Work with our client through closure including negotiation and bridging any gaps.
  • Follow-up on the Client & candidates' progress in their new jobs.

In the contingency recruitment model for permanent openings we have agreed terms and conditions with our clients and supply them with people on an as needed basis. We collect payment after the candidate joins.

In this model we use available databases, contracted advertising on job boards in addition to our generic database to fulfill a position with our client. The recruiters working on this model are well trained in this methodology - they are generalists who work on multiple requirements at the same time and fulfill a variety positions. This methodology of recruitment, works best if you are looking for junior to middle level generic positions.

Should you be looking for "Niche skills or Senior resources" you should be looking at our Executive Search and Selection Model.