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A Day in the Life of a Theronian

Interacting with people, when they are contemplating one of the most critical aspects of their life, means you will never have a boring day.

As a Theronian, we give you the opportunity to play a vital part in people’s careers and in the success of the clients you work for.

Your typical working day at Theron International

9:00 a.m. and the 1st half of the day:

Execute Your Plan: You would have spent the time planning the previous evening, now spend the time executing the plans. Earlier the better, as candidates are receptive to attractive job offers from recruiters.

You get busy contacting prospects on the telephone or email and sending qualified candidate’s to your clients. This activity continues throughout the day, depending on the urgency of delivery. Tip: Video calls are even more effective to engage clients and candidates as it adds a face to the name and process.

Regular meetings are held to “Assign New Mandates”, Get Job Description (JD) clarity, Client Calls and Client visits. Discussions are scheduled with your manager to take stock of your pipeline, performance, candidate / client issues.

Interesting Situations & Activities during the day:

Situation 1: Shooting Star - Your star candidate cancels an interview at the last moment with your client and you need to tell your client – You’ve got to do this fast... Be prepared to face the flack...
Situation 2: Change In Course – Your Client changes priority and wants you to work on another Job Description (JD).
Situation 3: Candidate Call - Offer Negotiation - Your candidate calls you to clarify her offer and wants you to tell the client that she wants an additional 7 % increase in the offer and wants an extension of 3 weeks to join… You have to manage both the candidates and clients expectations and get an agreement before you close this deal.
Situation 4: Quality Issues - Your Boss Calls - There is a quality issue with one of the CVs you sent to the client and the client is asking for clarifications, you need to clarify the same with the candidate immediately and get back to the client.
Situation 5: Candidate Joins: Your candidate joins and gives you a call thanking you for getting them a job  {Happens much less than the many other situations as that how the ratios of the business pan out}. Don’t forget to celebrate.
Situation 6: Client Congratulates you - You client is happy that you got them a brilliant candidate and want to meet you to give you another mandate [Good Show – Keep it up]
Situation 7: Candidate Call: Positive Feedback - The Candidate wants feedback on how the interview with the client went. He believes he has done well and wants to know if he will he get the offer he wants...
Situation 8: Candidate Call: Reject - You have to call your Candidate and give him feedback on how the interview with the client went …. He has been rejected by the client and you will have to break the news to him diplomatically as he is very keen on joining the company and thought he did really well in the interview….

Candidate Presentation Marketing: You have interviewed a great candidate, now you have to place her in her dream company... How are you going to do that !!

JD Clarity: The hiring manager has a call with you and explains what to look for and you realize you need to fine-tune your search criteria immediately... But he still wants you to deliver on an earlier mandate too.

Tip: Working on multiple mandates and flipping between them is an interesting way to combat the monotony that might set in due to working on the same job description.

New Mandate: Your client calls you with a hard to find mandate, that they have been struggling with for the last few weeks… they want an urgent closure and are willing to do whatever it takes to close the position … but salary / location constraints are there... How will you go about closing this mandate??

New Business: The client prospect that you have been following up with calls you finally and asks if you can close a critical mandate and they are willing to sing up immediately on a successful closure.

The 12:30 p.m. Numbers: You would have sent 2 to 6 Qualified and Motivated Candidate resumes to your clients for their approval (2 CVs for Niche Skills & 6 CVs for Generic Skills).

Break for lunch: Some of you may want to chat about your day with your colleagues, exchange experiences, tips and catch up on each other’s life. Others have a quick lunch and walk around the block.

The second half of the day:

1:50 p.m. - You get back to work and start calling your clients and candidates as they start their second half of the day.
Post lunch is also a great time for research. Spend time gathering market intelligence on your clients, their competition, your Candidate Company; look at your candidate sourcing strategy / mix and pool. See what your competitors are doing and advertising for. Try some creative sourcing techniques.

Interesting situations & activities during the 2nd half of the day:

Candidate Interviews: You schedule time to interview candidates and see what stage of their career they are in.

Getting References / Phone Numbers: You call up the candidates you are engaged with and get candidates through them also get phone numbers of potential candidates that you have got from business media / social media / the net.

Internal Recruiter Hiring: You look to hire the best talent in the market and build our internal team.

3:30 p.m. status: By now you should have come close to your daily target so that you can end the day on a satisfactory note. Any deviations from your target must be discussed with your account manager so that you can make amends.

4:00 p.m.: You break for tea and catch up on a personal call / get your evening plans going.

5:30 p.m. Planning: To succeed you must have a goal and a well thought out plan. You should chalk out a clear plan for tomorrow. Allocating the closing half hour of the previous day to plan will help you avoid the eleventh-hour rush the following morning.

The Candidate Plan: Analyze how you have delivered on your requirements, undertaking research and activities like posting job openings on job boards, professional / personal networks. Draw up a list of candidates you want to call early tomorrow morning. This simple activity will help you kick start a productive day.

The Clients Plan: Client-facing recruiters contact their clients and get information concerning current delivery, upcoming mandates, schedule interviews, get interview feedback and to confirm an in-person meeting. Armed with the necessary information, you do your research into the pool of available candidates that can be targeted the next day and schedule your day accordingly.

End of Day: Taking Stock of Target Vs Achievement & Daily Activity Summary:
At the end of the day you and your supervisor will know what you have achieved and if you have delivered what was required of you.. A typical end of day achievement would look like

  • You sent 5 qualified Candidates to Clients
  • Had 4 of your candidates attend Client Interviews
  • 3 Ongoing Offer Negotiations
  • Spoke to 60 + Candidates and met 3 of them. (Interviews / Interview Preparation / Debriefs References ..etc.)
  • Spoke to 2 of your clients and their hiring managers

What we are looking for in a Recruiter:

  • Graduates +
  • Excellent Communication & Analytical Skills
  • An innate zeal to make something out of your life and earn most of your living through incentives
  • Willing to work really hard to achieve what you want and what is required of you
  • You are ethical
  • You are willing to go the extra mile

Join Us:
There is immense potential for a recruiter to make an impact and become a trusted partner with both your candidates and clients. Good Recruiter’s do well in life and have a great life style as the incentives are very good. What are you waiting for? Take the plunge and be associated with an ethical and training intensive recruitment firm. With every passing day, you will revel in the satisfaction of changing the personal and professional lives of your candidates and seeing your clients grow while you too grow. Come and become a Theronian! Email your CV to Samir@theroninternational.com.